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The Bridal Gown: Described by Kelly

"Candlelight satin bodice & organza skirt. The bodice, front & back is detailed with beaded lace (pearls & sequins...mostly pearls). It has an off the shoulder neckline. The sleeves are satin, with deep (3 or 4 inches) net ruffles, trimmed with the beaded lace (sort of a colonial look in a sparkly, naked shoulder kind of way). It has a basque waist (pointed a bit in front and dropped) The sheer skirt has occasional accents of the beaded lace scattered over it, and the hem is trimmed with about 2 or 3 inches of beaded lace. The train is LONG. My three BestMaids will all be kept busy taking care of it. The part that conceals the hardware for the bustle is NOT a bow, and is very pretty (but kinda hard to describe - sort of a cross between the suits Clubs and Spades - 3 parts, but semi-pointed, not totally round - and upside-down - you'll have to see it to understand).

"When Bob first proposed, I said that I wanted was a simple Empire waist A-line in ivory satin with out any lace or beads or ruffles and definitely without a train. But I can't help it...this dress makes me feel beautiful. I tried it on & fell under its spell. Especially when I looked over my shoulder into the mirror & saw the train spread out behind me. It's very princess-y. And the off the shoulder neckline feels very feminine and sexy. Besides which, my pearls look lovey with the dress...they're just the right length & go so well with the beading and the style. And even tho' I got it at a consignment shop, it's brand new, never been worn. You see, it's not this year's style, so it was surplussed. The designer is Forever Yours, one of the few designers that doesn't play games with dress sizes (I wear about a 20 in normal dresses, which equals at least 24 with most designers, and my wedding dress is a 22).

"We got a candlelight colored wide headband covered with pearl beads & pearly sequins at the same store where we got my dress. It matches exactly & only cost $30.

"We got the materials to make the veil for $20. However, we got more than twice the yardage necessary (in case of mistakes--I'll use the extra for favors &/or decorations), & a bunch of ribbon that we wound up not using (we'll use it for the favors). So the cost for what actually went into the veil was less than $10.

"My aunt ( of my *many* aunts)helped me lay out the tulle & she's the one who actually did the sewing. The veil has a rolled edge that's hemmed....all done in one step by the serger. It gives the edge of the veil a distinct edge, and the thread makes a lacey looking trim, and it's not heavy.....very light & airy. It's fingertip length (about 48 inches from the headband to the bottom edge, and is gently gathered at the top, but not poofy. There velcro (the sticky part) on the veil and the headband (the fuzzy part) so I can wear the veil for the ceremony & the headband alone for the rest of the day. It's simple, and beautiful! I love it!!!"

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