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The Plans

Robert L. Redwine and Kelly C. C. Green
a.k.a. The Happy Couple

This is the place for details about all the plans, the sites, the music, the flowers, the gift registry, the cake, the honeymoon, how Kelly stays sane etc. You can click on any of the above links, or just scroll on down to get some ideas of where Kelly and Bob are with their plans.

The Sites

Kelly and Bob are having their wedding at Ascension Catholic Church in Southeast Portland. Kelly's been going to Ascension for years, and was confirmed here. Father Peter will perform the ceremony. Afterwards, a cake and punch reception will be held at the Southeast Civic Center. The center was originally a Masonic Temple, and is only half a block from Kelly's home.

The Music

Here's what's set up for music: prelude (playing durring general seating of guests) of misc. songs on the piano, to include "Almighty Father" (a military hymn that Bob wants). As the last few guests arrive, the BestMaids will phase out of ushering, leaving it all to the GroomSquad. The BestMaids will get ready for the processional, the moms will be seated and the GroomSquad & Bob will take their places at the front of the church. The processional for both the BestMaids and the bride will be Pachelbel's Canon in D. After the 1st reading, we'll have "On Eagles Wings" as the responsorial. After the 2nd reading, we'll have the Celtic Alelluia, with the wedding verse, for the aclaimation. Since we're not having a full mass, the presentation of the gifts & other songs are cut. We might have an interlude - "Prayer of St. Francis". If we have a Unity Candle part of the ceremony, we'll have "The Wedding Song" (evidently Father Peter doesn't like doing the Unity Candle, so we'll have to see about this part). For the recessional, "I Want To Praise Your Name", but Kelly's having second thoughts about this & might change it to "Sing To The Mountains".

The Flowers

By Just Roses

Bride's Bouquet: 18 dark red roses (Cara Mia), edged with ivy leaves, hand tied. This will be carried durring the ceremony & tossed at the reception. Kelly is having a duplicate made out of silk flowers, which she'll keep after the wedding.

Wendy's Bouquet: 8 cream roses, 4 deep yellow roses, edged with ivy leaves, hand tied.

Beth & Heather's Bouquets: 12 cream roses, edged with ivy leaves, hand tied.

Moms' Flowers: 1 single dark red rose, w/greenery, hand tied, for each of the moms. Bob will present them to the moms just after the Mother of the Bride is seated & just before the processional begins.

Boutineers: each a single rose with greenery - Bob's is dark red, the 3 groomsmen will have cream, and the dads will have deep yellow (my dad, Bob's stepdad Tom, & Bob's dad).

The cream will go nicely with both the BestMaids' forrest green dresses & the GroomSquad's burgundy vests. The dark red will contrast nicely with Kelly's dress & coordinate with Bob's burgundy accents (tie, pocket square, cumberbund). The yellow is for the Jennifer Rose outside patio door at the Brighton house where Kelly grew up, and for all those OTP rehearsals & performances of "They just don't know how strong a rose can be!", for Meggan, and because they're Kelly's favorite.

Total cost, including delivery, $260

The Gift Registry

At Target's Club Wedd

Bob and Kelly went to Target and had a blast with the scanner guns you've seen on t.v. If you're interested in how the couple hopes to outfit their home, go to your local Target store and ask for the registry list.

The Cake

By Kienows Bohemian Bakery

Wedding cake has 3 tiers, (6", 10", & 14"), all with ivory frosting (buttercream except where noted), dark green leaves & white flowers with burgundy tips.

  • Garlands of the flowers & leaves on the sides of each tier & mounds of the flowers in the center of each cake.
  • The tiers are seperated by short pillars.
  • The plates the cakes rest on are covered with forest green foil.
  • The topper is a wodden cross with the double circle symbol carved in it, as well as carvings of flowers, vines & a dove. It cost $3 at a church bazaar.
  • The top & bottom tier are marble cake w/chocolate buttercream filling. The middle is marble with lemmon filling.
  • There are 4 half-sheet cakes. White w/raspberry & marble with fudge are the "ordinary" flavors. Speciality selctions are Bavarian Chocolate and Banana....those two have whipped cream frosting. The sheet cakes are scorred to show serving size & each piece has a flower & leaf.
  • When the pilliars & plates are returned, clean & in good repair, we get a certificate good for a 8" cake decorated to match the wedding cake. This is in place of keeping the top layer in the freezer for a year.

Total cost $304, includes delivery.

The Honeymoon

On Carnival Cruise Lines

Kelly went to a bridal show and won the door prize of a life time! She and Bob will be staying at an undisclosed hotel the night of the wedding, and join her close family Sunday afternoon to open gifts. Sunday night, they stay over at the Airport Sheraton in Portland before flying down to Los Angeles Monday morning. From there, they board Carnival Cruiselines' ship "Holiday". They'll have 1 day on Catalina Island & 1 day in Ensenada, Mexico. They sail on Monday & get back to LA on Friday. (Bob's cousin Lew is getting married 5 weeks before Kelly and Bob. He & his bride Christy are taking the same cruise - different dates, but same ship & destinations)

Friday night thru Monday night, the honeymoon continues with no set plans. They might go to the coast, or up to Seattle, or they might just hide at home, enjoying life as newlyweds.

To say they are excited is an understatement. Kelly's already shopping for her trousseau.

Kelly's Support Group Online

One of the many places Kelly has found support, ideas, and encouragement throughout this planning process is through a May-June Brides mailing list. She's been helped by people like Debbie, Sherrin, Laura, Melissa, and Deva, as well as many other wonderful women (who don't have wedding pages of their own yet).

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