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The Families

Bob and Kelly are happy to share their wedding joy with their families.

Kelly Colleen Catherine Green is the elder daughter of Daniel F. Green and Janice M. Green. She has one sister, Wendy, who is a BestMaid and the Web Mistress/Pixel Princess of this website. Kelly's paternal grandmother, Rowena Green, passed away in 1986. On Mom's side, there's Grandpa Nicholas Bachman (constant winner of the "Best Legs" competitions at family reunions), and Grandma Fran. Grandma Bachman passed away when Kelly was quite small. Aunts and uncles Kelly has by the score, and that's not even counting cousins, second cousins, etc. The "Father of the Bride" (who refers to the movie of that name as the "best horror movie ever") is hosting an appreciation dinner for the bridal party.

Robert Lewis Redwine is the son of Frank Redwine & Suzan Johnson (Redwine) Stark. Suzan's husband, Tom Stark, and Bob are very close. Tom has two kids: Jordan and Crystal Stark. Bob's uncle Lewis Johnson, who goes by Lew, is married to Shirley Johnson. He has a son by his first wife, Donna Johnson, also named Lewis Johnson, a.k.a. Lewie. Lewie is getting married to his fiancee Christy on April 11th. Bob's maternal grandparents are Lewis Johnson (he goes by Lewis) and Betty Johnson, but Bob just calls them Grandma and Grandpa. The elder Johnsons have been married 50 years. His paternal Grandmother is Sally Redwine.

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